Flooring Styles

Marble Flooring

Nero Marquina Black Marble

Tiles are perfect for any interior/exterior projects. The Nero Marquina Venato Marble Field tiles can be used for a kitchen backsplash, bathroom flooring, shower surround, dining room, hall, lobby, corridor, balcony, terrace, spa, pool, etc.

Marble Honeycomb

Marble tiles are one of the most popular flooring options. That's because marble offers a range of benefits. It looks gorgeous, it is durable, hardwearing and resistant to shattering, it is an excellent insulator, and it reflects light.

Carrara Marble Daisy

Since it comes from only one quarry in the world located in Tuscany, it's in very high demand. This makes the price of Carrara marble higher than other marble types on the market. But be aware that since this marble is rare, it is also often duplicated, without the end-user's knowledge.

Marble Parquet

If you are in areas with very low temperatures, wooden flooring is recommended as it keeps your feet warm. Cons of marble flooring: marble is considered to be very expensive. If you are looking to give your space a pure white look then you will need to go in for an expensive marble stone.



Herringbone is one of the most popular wood flooring installation styles because it combines a natural material look with extra visual interest. This can help bring drama and atmosphere to a room without having to go big and bold in other elements of the design – wall color, furniture, rugs, artwork etc.

Parquet Woodpecker

Your parquet flooring will be very durable, and will do well with everyday use; showing little wear and tear over many years. Since it's made of hardwood, parquet is strong and often offers a long lifespan, sometimes as much as fifty years, in one space.


There's nothing wrong with using the same flooring throughout your home. There's nothing wrong with using different floorings. But what you don't want to do is use two that are almost the same, but not quite.


There are a huge variety of options for prefinished wood, and the benefits are clear: it's already finished, no sanding or staining needed! This can mean a faster installation of the whole finished floor. You can also walk on this type of flooring immediately and won't notice any odors.