Color Trends of 2022!

2022 welcomes a new chapter. A collective wish for new beginnings leads us to thoughtful hues that support healing, reflection, and a sense of optimism.

Desiree 1219

A softly-shaded orchid hue – goes deep!

Fireplace Mantel 0569

This collection is available in a range of finishes suitable for both interior and exterior projects.

Happy Tune 0648

This color palette features the best paint color for any room; from timeless neutrals to fun!

Impulse 0989

Choosing the perfect paint color or accent colors for a room can make a huge difference in the overall ambiance of the area. Sophisticated!

Ivory Parchment 0300

This color is crafted to give your walls the smoothest finish.

Madonna Blue 0590

Definitely a color you can enjoy and love.

Rediscover 0408

Rediscover... should we say more?

Vegetarian 0430

This one has an airy, soothing tone that is comfortable in a rustic, modern, or traditional space.