Color Trends of 2023!

A Color to help you Reconnect with Nature and Create Meaningful Moments with loved ones in 2023 — to make our Homes a sanctuary where you feel grounded and can build memories to cherish forever!

Twinkle Twinkle 0355

This color is part of the Town & Country collection. A beautiful and versatile!

Sauterne 0126

This collection is available in a range of finishes suitable for both interior and exterior projects.

Abstract Idea 0643

This color palette features the best paint color for any room; from timeless neutrals to fun!

Thistle Gray 0197

Choosing the perfect paint color or accent colors for a room can make a huge difference in the overall ambiance of the area. Sophisticated!

Ranch House 0142

This color is crafted to give your walls the smoothest finish.

Lemon Bar 0865

Definitely a color you can enjoy and love.

Romantic Night 1138

Rediscover... should we say more?

November Storms 0543

This one has an airy, soothing tone that is comfortable in a rustic, modern, or traditional space.

Calm Interlude 0501

Harmonious shades to your home which give variety and feelings!

Motherland 0793

Tavelling to the Motherland would be a new experience but ... What does it mean to go back home, to the Motherland?

Atmospheric Pressure 0587

System by the atmosphere fully melts the ice to liquid water!

Bleached Meadow 0376

Bleached Meadow further enrich the palette. From farmhouse-style bathrooms and kitchens to rustic bedrooms!